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At aged 16 I was over the moon to get a full time job in a seaside Art Gallery. Many of the paintings I saw inspired me and I had a natural ability to colour match in the paintings conservation / restoration department. The job pushed me to look for college and University training where I spent 5 years studying a very wide range of practical skill and academic knowledge in Conservation, Restoration and Historic creative techniques. The subsequent 10 years of University employment in Gilding Conservation laboratories and practical artistic / creative workshops added in depth expertise in the specialist field of gilded and painted surfaces. Broad painting techniques inspired me to create both abstract and realistic paintings and sculptural objects and the idea to make some of them durable for outdoor display. Variety is the spice of life so I continue to work part time in the conservation / restoration of gilded and painted surfaces and part time painting in my studio.
I'd be delighted to create a work of art with you, help design a decorative interior or bring your ideas to life! 

Michelle Pepper

JULY 2010

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